Do you pick up rubbish while you’re out and about?

This guy does - The Rubbish Runner - almost every day. He’s a legend.

The Rubbish Trip shared the article, included below, (if you’re not already following them, this is your chance) and made a valid point about individuals/businesses taking more ‘before it’s rubbish’ responsibility. Utilising the ol’ ‘Reduce, Reuse, Refuse’ motto is a great way to work towards this and covers both ends – businesses will hopefully get the message if you stop buying their strangled-with-plastic products.

I did a bit of a gutter/ditch trawl at our local rugby club and it’s kind of amazing how resilient packaging is. A lot of it had been in immersed in mud for quite a while and I could still clearly identify its original source. It got me thinking, would businesses/manufacturers think differently if they were required to put the packaging breakdown date just under the product expiry date…?