Using reusable sandwich wraps for a waste-free day

Wrapping a sandwich in brown paper used to just be the way a sandwich came. During the eighties, we transitioned to the wasteful economy of plastics - cheap, plentiful, non-biodegradable.

We didn’t know then that cling film was one of the worst types of plastic for the environment. It was so useful. Cling film is the best! Was the best.

Why cling film was amazing for sandwiches

Cling film really does keep a sandwich together beautifully; there is simply no contest. We just cannot compare the brown paper of the past or trying to use a plastic container to the fantastic clinginess of cling wrap.

In fact, the lessons that cling film has for us on how to do better with sandwich wrappings is obvious. That’s why we’ve taken the best of cling film, and put that incredible sandwichy wisdom into our sandwich wraps.

To make it simple to see how reusable sandwich wraps can make your life easier and greener, we’ve done a deep dive into our sandwich wraps so you can feel completely across your purchases.

What is a reusable sandwich wrap?

A sandwich wrap is an environmentally-friendly alternative to cling film or a ziplock bag to carry a sandwich in until you are ready to eat it. Our sandwich wraps are made out of a 100 per cent cotton outer and a high-quality PUL fabric lining. The ties are generous, giving you a secure close no matter the shape of your food.

Our beautiful, functional sandwich wraps are durable, food safe, water resistant and fully machine washable (but why not just wipe it out!).

Why we love our reusable sandwich wraps

They offer a baby-bear just-right sandwich

There is something really satisfying about wrapping a sandwich up real tight in anticipation of eating it later. The reason the sandwich needs to be tight has to do with the fresh slices of bread. Soft, fresh bread, when wrapped tight, hugs the ingredients, conforming to its contours.

This means that tying it all up just as tight as it needs to be pushes your sandwich together, and when you’re ready to eat it, it just stays together. Like magic. A good firm sandwich wrap is a beautiful thing. Done right, it makes your sandwich taste better when you finally eat it.

Our sandwich wraps offer seatbelt-style safety for your sandwich

A snug fit isn’t our only consideration when talking sandwich wraps, though. Safety of your ingredients is of critical importance. Having your tasty sandwich filling fall out due to the poor safety profile of your reusable sandwich wrap means the horrors found at the bottom of your bag get into your sandwich - lint, hairs, crumbs from weeks ago, eyelashes, boogers.

That rollercoaster ride can take you from being excited about lunch to feeling morally compromised, and even sad, because you know you’re still going to eat it.

Our reusable sandwich wraps keep your sandwiches tight and safe until it’s time

Our sandwich wraps keep your sandwich just as snug as cling film, so you can relax knowing that your sandwich will be just as well-put-together as it was when you made it. The polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric lining is water resistant, so if you’ve used wet ingredients, they will stay contained within the package and not leak into your bag. You don't have to double wrap our reusable sandwich wraps. 

There are many ways to do it right ‘n tight, so it’s hard to go wrong with our fantastic, ergonomic sandwich wraps.

Humans LOVE sandwiches - wrap ‘em nice

The humble sandwich is a food choice to be respected and revered. The sandwich is one of our favourite human foods, and as such, being dismissive because we think it’s ‘just a sandwich’ is not doing a sandwich justice. Our sandwich wraps honour the sandwich, however you choose to prepare yours.

How do I know which type of sandwich wrap to buy?

The right reusable sandwich wrap for you is the size that will fit your favourite bread, the pattern of fabric that rings your bells, and a tightening device and design that cares about your sandwich above all else. To get the best sandwich wrap possible, you must consider who made it and how they made it.

Sandwich wraps can suffer a multitude of sins in manufacturing, from having poor quality lining to being plain ugly. We don’t accept any flaws in our manufacturing process. If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty proud of our beautiful, high-functioning sandwich wraps.

There are no bells and whistles on a good reusable sandwich wrap, and with good reason. That means no zippers, no velcro, nothing to interfere with your sandwich softness or filling. To get perfection, we keep it simple: high quality 100 per cent cotton outer (with a great print) and nice long tie, with premium PUL fabric as the lining. Simple, elegant and effective.

What is BPA-free PUL fabric?

PUL fabric is safe to store food in, is wipeable, machine-washable, and breathable. You can simply wipe your sandwich wrap down and leave to dry on a dish rack, or load into a delicates bag and throw in the washing machine.

BPA is bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical used in plastic and resin manufacturing. This chemical is often used in plastic water bottle manufacturing and to line tin cans. There has been controversy in recent years about the safety of BPA, since it has been found leaching into food and drinks.

The latest official opinion from our health regulators has been that BPA in the levels we ingest it does not cause health problems, however we don’t like to take any chances. All our products are 100 per cent chemical free from manufacturing to your lunchbox.

Is PUL fabric plastic?

Yes, PUL fabric is plastic. We take the view that reducing our landfill contribution is an important part of moving towards a less wasteful world. We do this one step at a time, and for us, that means using one piece of plastic over and over again, instead of single-use plastics. The 500+ uses you’ll get out of each of our products is valuable. Using one piece of plastic in place of many is important and does count.

We are the first to admit that there are imperfections to this less-waste solution. Here at Rinse and Repeat, we are at the coalface of the zero-waste movement, constantly searching for better alternatives, doing extensive product research and development, and being innovators. Watch this space! We’re onto it.

What sizes do sandwich wraps come in?

Rinse and Repeat offer two generous sandwich wrap sizes, leaving no sandwich behind:

Medium sandwich wraps can hold…

  • A regular-sized sandwich with big filling
  • Small flat sandwiches, like a ham and cheese sandwich on soft bread (4 pieces of bread)
  • A 6-inch sub, only just
  • A small block of cheese (500g)
  • 1 or 2 muffins

Large sandwich wraps can hold…

  • All regular sandwiches and rolls
  • 2 x 6-inch subs
  • Half a loaf of bread
  • 1 kg / 2 lb of cheese
  • 4 muffins
  • Leftovers - a full meal can fit in here!
  • Great for solid food
  • A runaway’s meagre belongings to hang from their stick
What else can sandwich wraps be used for?

Sandwich wraps are really food wraps, so while they are designed to easily hold a square sandwich, you can wrap many types of food with these versatile wraps.

Our favourite uses of sandwich wraps are:
  • Sandwiches
  • Wraps
  • Rolls
  • Buns
  • Snacks
  • Cake
  • Leftovers
  • Cheese
Why Rinse and Repeat sandwich wraps are superior
  • Intelligently and elegantly designed and created
  • Amazing sandwich care and a solid sandwich wrap like no other
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quick-wipe
  • Machine washable
  • Reduce landfill
  • Uncompromising alternative to cling wrap
  • Easy to open
  • Safe tie with a great length
  • Wrap your sandwich or food up any way you like - no wrong way to tie it up
  • Flexible fit - no hard edges but keeps the shape of your sandwich
  • Sandwich or other food won’t dry out
  • Great for carrying solid foods around
Why use a sandwich wrap over other options?

Using a sandwich wrap for your sandwiches beats all other options. Cling film is one of the worst plastics you can use, so that’s out. Paper falls apart and your sandwich goes everywhere. Ziplock bags - same problem. You can’t trust any of those other options, but you can trust a sandwich wrap that you tie up with your own two hands.

Who should and shouldn’t use a sandwich wrap

Because there is a tie involved, anyone who has trouble using their hands may prefer a velcro sandwich bag.

The tie on a sandwich wrap tends to be easy to undo so long as it’s in a loose bow, but if you only eat half a sandwich and want to save the rest for later, you’ll need to be able to tie it back up. This may not be easy for small children who can’t tie a bow or someone without full use of their hands.

Anyone who can untie a bow, even if someone else tied it, can use these delightful sandwich wraps.

Can I put hot food into a sandwich wrap?

If you were thinking you might want to put a piping hot cheese toastie into a sandwich wrap, you can! The sandwich wrap is not heatproof, so your cheese toastie or baked potatoes may not stay hot for very long, but it’ll certainly do if you are taking a snack down to the back shed for grandad or sneaking leftovers to eat under the covers where your food staying hot isn't part of the deal.

A small amount of heat for a short duration will not damage the PUL fabric. We would avoid putting hot oil or other very high-temperature substances onto the PUL fabric because there is a heat limit before the PUL fabric will melt. You don’t want melted PUL fabric on your food, not just because it won’t taste very nice, but it means you’ve wrecked your beautiful sandwich wrap! Don't use your sandwich wrap as a blotting paper for deep frying pickles,ice cream, chicken or Mars bars. It won't survive. 

What to do with your sandwich wrap once it’s useful food-bearing years are over

Your sandwich wrap will last 500+ uses with regular washing, and still stay sturdy, but once its life is well and truly over, you can always use these cute little squares for something else.

  • Collect and store precious items like stones, shells or old jewellery
  • Add it to the costume bin
  • Add to the toy bin
  • Pull the PUL fabric off, snip the tie off, and use the cotton square as a handkerchief or rag
  • Use the ties with garden stakes - 100 per cent cotton will biodegrade over a few years and is safe for your garden
  • Use as a polish cloth
  • Add to the family picnic set
Why kids love reusable sandwich wraps

Kids of any age can easily pull the tie to open their sandwich, eat the sandwich, then stuff their sandwich wrap into their bag. These washable sandwich wraps can be personalised for children, who love being able to choose their own print.

Why parents love sandwich wraps

Ever sent one of your kids or your partner off with the wrong sandwich? Us too. Having sandwich wraps for each member of the family means that everyone knows which sandwich is theirs. No sandwich confusion! No getting to work or school and finding out that you’ve got dad’s liver, pickled onion and Swiss cheese, instead of peanut butter. Yuck.

Save money on cling film, ziplock bags, and other single-use plastic sandwich carriers, and don’t let anyone’s sandwich spill open in a lunchbox. Teach your kids about the environment so that when they’re old enough, they choose reusable items over single-use plastics.

These sandwich wraps are also incredibly easy to wipe clean or throw in a delicates bag (no snags!) and throw in the washing machine.

Why stylish people love our sandwich bags

Imagine the slow-motion movie of you opening your stylish sandwich bag at the office. We've written a small story so you can imagine just how this will go. 

You pull your wrapped sandwich out and put it down on the table. You stare at the neat package with longing, the print so elegant, the tie so tight around your precious lunch. With a deep, quivering breath, you pull the generously long tie so it unfolds from upon itself, and finally, with a swish, the sides of the sandwich wrap fall away and there is your sandwich. Your morning’s labour revealed in all its glory.

The sandwich sits like a prize jewel in the centre of the wrap, still completely intact, and ready to eat.

Slow motion romance jokes aside, our sandwich wraps really get people talking and will make you feel far more stylish than any form of plastic possibly could. We have a range of sandwich wraps that invite curious, longing looks. It’s also another way to keep people from stealing your lunch, because nobody knows what's in it! 

Why people with dietary disabilities love our snack bags

Preparing special food for yourself every day is made more exciting with a sandwich bag. It actually doesn’t matter what you put into it (as long as it’s not wet), your sandwich bag keeps food fresh and together nice and snug.

You can pack a whole meal into the large sandwich bag, like leftover lasagne, and you can eat out of your sandwich wrap as if it is a plate. Make taking your own food everywhere a bit more fun than a plastic bag or Tupperware affords. 

Why our fabric wraps are better than beeswax wraps for sandwiches

Beeswax wraps are not very flexible and don’t seal, so using them for sandwiches is not their best use. You can wrap foods in beeswax wraps, but their main purpose is to fit around a bowl instead of using cling film.

We think our washable sandwich wraps do their job fantastically - no compromises here. Your sandwich stays safe and fresh, which can’t be said for beeswax wraps. Don’t risk your sandwich!

Fresh prints of Bel-Air

We offer an ever-changing selection of prints and fabric in the reusable sandwich wrap range. The outer fabric of your sandwich wrap is always 100 per cent cotton, with a high-quality PUL fabric lining. Make a request if you can’t find something you love!

Why choose Rinse and Repeat for your fabric lunchware range

Our rigorous design process takes the aesthetic and practical elements of using a sandwich wrap into consideration. Once we’ve settled on a design for the range, we create the sandwich wrap with thoughtful components.

All our sandwich wraps are designed to look great and last, but also to be very functional for the many types of hands that will be using our products. We are very proud of our durable, beautiful, innovative products, and we offer a full guarantee. Your happiness is our happiness!