CUSTOM | Baking Decal
CUSTOM | Baking Decal
CUSTOM | Baking Decal
CUSTOM | Baking Decal
CUSTOM | Baking Decal
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CUSTOM | Baking Decal

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Keep your life fully organised and stylish with gorgeous, borderless vinyl decals individualised for jars, containers, and boxes.

With custom decals, no container is left out!

Great for kitchen, pantry, laundry, bathroom and other areas with a lot of similar-looking items, or for organising family members.  

Choose your customisations:

  • Eight great fonts
  • Two sizes - small and medium 
  • Three colours - black, white or metallic gold
  • Use your own words

Why CUSTOM Baking Decals? 

Creative chefs, those on special diets, fanatical organisers and those who buy in bulk end up with a lot of items without labels.

A CUSTOM Baking Decal is the perfect solution for creating unique labels, including those you won't find in BASICS Decal Sets.

Why you'll love our CUSTOM Decals: 

  • Custom decals made to order, one by one (no need to buy a full sheet!)
  • Works well with BASICS Decal Sets (decal sheet with all the usual suspects, such as BAKING BASICS)
  • Great for switching up the colour for greater visibility - white labels on dark surfaces, black labels for white surfaces
  • Choose your size - got a small jar, but ended up with an oversized label? Solve it with a customised label! 
  • Create labels for anything
  • Update individual labels anytime 
  • Special reduced shipping rates for 'decals only' orders

NOTE: Only hand-wash decaled items