Face mask size guide

Each adult face mask offers a comfortable fit and excellent coverage for the chin, nose, and sides of your face.

Here are the dimensions, including how I would describe the sizing if we were talking in person:


Adult Medium: Great for teens and medium-sized faces. If you have a petite face, it'll just mean extra coverage for you and the material by the ears may cover your ears more.

Medium face mask

Adult Large: If your face is slightly wider, rounder, or longer than what you would consider medium, then this mask is for you. It has extra room in the nose, mouth, and chin area.

Large face mask

Adult Extra Large: The nose piece of this mask is exactly the same as the large but the mouth and chin area has a lot more room. Great for large faces and for stuffing beards into (although probably wouldn't fit a really long beard).

Extra large face mask



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