SUMMER | Starter Pack
SUMMER | Starter Pack
SUMMER | Starter Pack
SUMMER | Starter Pack
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SUMMER | Starter Pack

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Starter Pack's are a great way to set up your kitchen with useful, reusable tools! There are two different options to choose from; Option A, and Option B.

They are fundamentally the same, with only one product difference - please see details below:

Option A

x1 Pohutukawa bowl cover set of three 

x1 Pohutukawa cheese wrap - large

x1 Organic produce bag set of six

x1 Pohutukawa bowl cover - large


Option B

x1 Pohutukawa bowl cover set of three 

x1 Pohutukawa cheese wrap - large

x1 Organic produce bag set of six

x1 Pohutukawa food wrap - extra-large



  • Each item is low waste and reusable
  • Use over and over (so you can reduce adding to landfill with single-use plastic)
  • The wraps are easy-open, with a safe tie
  • Machine washable
  • Can be tumble-dried
  • Generously sized bowl covers to suit multiple bowls
  • Durable (PUL lining tested up to 300 machine washes)
  • Keeps air from drying out food
  • Food-safe PUL (polyurethane laminate) lining
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free
  • The wraps are great for solid foods
  • Easy-clean, wipe out lining
  • Designed and ethically made in Aotearoa New Zealand


>>> BOWL COVER SET (included in options A, and B)

Perfect for covering salads, your dough as it rises, food at meal-times, baking, unfinished meals, picnics, barbeques, pot-luck dinners, camping, al fresco dining, party food – basically anything you want to keep flies, hands, and air off.

Reusable, machine washable and food-safe. 


The set includes three different sizes:

Extra small (fits 14 - 20 cm | 5 1/2" - 8" diameter bowl)

Small (fits 19 - 24 cm | 7 1/2" - 9 1/2" diameter bowl)

Medium (fits 24 - 30 cm | 9 1/2" - 11 3/4" diameter bowl)


>>> CHEESE WRAP - LARGE (included in options A, and B)

Designed to help keep the open end of your cheese block extra fresh and long-lasting between uses. The calico bag firstly creates a protective layer that is breathable, while the outer food wrap prevents fridge air from drying the cheese out.

35 x 35 cm | 14" x 14" (perfect for a 1kg block of cheese)


>>> PRODUCE BAG SET (included in options A, and B)

Bring your produce home in style AND plastic-free with this handy six-pack of organic 'Save Planet A' net produce bags.

3 Small 20 x 25cm 7.8" x 9.8" (25g)

3 Large 28 x 35cm | 11" x 13.7" (40g)


>>> BOWL COVER - LARGE (included in option A)

This sized cover has all of the same qualities as the covers in the set (above), but the size of this one is perfect for the breadmakers, and also for family gatherings, at home or out-and-about,  where you're using big bowls (e.g., salads, potato salad etc). 

Large (32 - 36 cm | 12 1/2" - 14 1/4" bowl)


>>> FOOD WRAP - EXTRA-LARGE (included in option B)

Easy to use, the handy tie ensures that regardless of the size of your food, it will remain secure, fresh, and intact until you’re ready to eat it. Effortlessly holds 1 kg of cheese. Ideal for large fruit that has been cut, sandwiches, wraps, rolls, snacks, pieces of cake, and leftovers.

41 x 41 cm | 16" x 16" (perfect for hal a rockmelon, or half a sourdough loaf)


All of our products are guaranteed – if we’ve dropped the ball, let us know here.


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